Monday, February 1, 2010

weight watchers

i know it's been WAY TOO long since i've posted...but i thought i should track my time going through weight watchers and getting ready for my wedding.

it's day 3 of weight is what is going on in my head:
1. carrot suck and they make me want to hurl.
2. i really want some candy, why can't i get more points?
3. these two days have been dreadful, i'm hoping for something to save me from going over on points today.
4. why does everything have so many points, a cup of yogurt is 2 points, i can only have 10 of those per day! wtf?
5. wearing a lottery ball mascot costume should get some activity points, wonder where that falls under?
6. i am glad diet drinks are zero point, at least i'll be "wired" when i'm starving.

i think that's it for now...

i'm out.

still hungry...

Monday, July 6, 2009

new job and other news

well, it's been over a month since i've posted last and i tired really hard to post daily, but that didn't last with having to deal with work, new house, etc.

but i did want to inform you that i have a new job, or at least i will in 2 weeks. i have taken a position with the kentucky lottery as a special events coordinator and i am super pumped about the new adventure. i will definitely miss the march of dimes and everyone there, but of course i will continue to be supportive of the babies!

this house thing is stressing me out...waiting up to 60 days to move in because the seller put her children's names on the title and now they have to go through court to get them off. CRAZY! this ruins my plans of moving next week, obviously.

i have been inspired by my lovely pi sister, babbling abby to do some mighty mondays! here are the rules according to abby: If you want to play too, simply make a list of things that you might have done and leave a comment so we can visit your blog and feel a little better about our own list ;)

i might have resigned from my job today.

i might have gone to the gap after work and spent money that i should have saved for a house.

i might have used abby's blog to get ideas for what i might have done today.

i might have made casey and i come back early from illinois because my he is a terd.

i might have gained 30 lbs. this weekend by eating tator tots and pizza on friday along with cracker barrel and taco bell with a side of skittles on saturday.

i might be procrastinating about doing laundry.

i might be stressing about finding out when i get my home :(

i might be excited about my new job, even thought i might be sad about leaving the old one.

i might have posed as casy's mom and used her costco card to get cheap gas.

i might have gone to bed at 10, but i decided to do some mighty mondays!

that might be all for now, but i might be wrong...

and who am i...that's one secret i'll never tell ;-)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

almost friday!

this weekend casey and i are headed to his grandparent's lake house down at lake cumberland. i am so excited to get some much needed r&r.

it has been a long week at the march of dimes because of layoffs. i made it through, but some of my fellow co-workers did not. being a fundraiser is hard and i feel like i could have prevented the layoffs if i would have just raised more money. the employee morale is really low and i am hoping it will get better soon.

needless to say i am headed to the lake to get away from the "drama," and i cannot wait!!!

jacob is watching the dogs and casey and i will go down there with casey's parents. i am hoping for a sun TAN and not a sun burn this year so please keep your fingers crossed!!!

i'll let you know how the weekend goes after the weekend (obviously)!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

grand convention

an email from one of my lovely sisters sparked how excited I am to see almost all of the super seven at grand convention in less than a month...and of course all the other sisters I have met from across the country!

ADPi Grand Convention is such an amazing opportunity and I wish that all my sisters could have the chance to go and experience it. I was lucky enough to have been a Leadership Consultant post-college and now I am the Chapter Advisor for one of the best ADPi chapters in the country! So I will be attending my second Grand Convention this summer.

The sisterhood and bonding that happens at Grand Convention is so memorable, I just wish everyone could attend so we could all be closer as sisters.

I personally cannot wait to hang out with my roommate, who sparked this blog today, because when I finally get married I have a super sister to keep me right on track with a wedding...which is NOT in the near future!

I just wanted to say how excited I am about Grand Convention in Orlando in T-minus 23 days!

Pi love sisters!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

looking for a home is harder than i thought!

so casey and i are looking for houses these days. meaning that casey is looking for a house and i get to look with him and provide imput :) i will say i've already gotten my heart broken after day one. that just proves that you should not get your hopes up on anything that may be "too good to be true." i learned that from katie during her house hunting adventures. thankfully this week she and ian finally got a house after two months of searching! yey!

here is what casey (and i) is/are looking for:
  • 2 bathrooms (i don't like the idea of only having one bathroom since we like to entertain
  • basement (preferably unfinished, casey would like to have his own space to put a bar or something)
  • garage of some sort
  • nice sized yard for the dogs (since he has two dogs we need a yard for them to play)

here are the areas that we really would like to live in (in no particular order):

  • st. matthews
  • highlands
  • anchorage
  • middletown
  • hikes point
  • oldham county (crestwood or buckner, he says la grange is too far!)
  • river road
  • brownsboro road
  • and any place in between

we would ideally like a fixer uper, and i say that after i thought that finding a newer home would be something i wanted. i realized that our money would go further by doing it ourselves and we have the time and the resources to do that...and by resources i mean our large families :)

so keep us in your prayers that we find a great deal and a good opportunity!

Friday, May 15, 2009

bead up

check out this adorable site called bead up

my lovely sorority sister christyn makes amazing jewelry and right now she is having a giveaway. you can visit her blog site for more information.

this is a picture of my favorite piece of jewelry that she made...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

billy g is out?

well, i heard it on WHAS 11 that billy g is officially headed out of kentucky. i'm not sure if i'm excited as the thought of a new coach, or if i'm appalled at the turn around time between coaches.

i am excited because...
1. he was sleeping with students.
2. he was/is a drunken idiot.
3. we lost games.

i am appalled because...
1. 2 years is not a long enough time to see what a coach can do.
2. who the hell are we going to get now?
3. what about the players, how do they feel?

i think that takes care of it...good talk guys.

until then, stay classy planet earth.

and who am i? that's one secret i'll never tell.

xoxo, delaurah